Our referral program is focused on helping your friends, coworkers, and relatives sell any unwanted land or property. When you introduce us to the interested party, we take over from t here! We have made it extraordinarily accessible f or anyone to introduce us to their interested seller, and receive a referral bonus f or doing so! Interested? Watch t he video below!


Our referral bonus is up t o $1,000. We pay the bonus in either cash, check, wire transfer, or any money transferring app available. We pay out t he referral bonus on settlement day, which could be anywhere between 2-4 weeks.
Once you have the person who wants to sell, you just have to let them know that we will buy their property! Then just call us and give us their contact information. It's that easy!
If the property does not meet our buying criteria, we will designate you to a Real Estate Agent who will ensure a hassle free listing of the property!


If you are wholesaling in the Baltimore area, and need help finding a buyer to close on the property, give us a call! We work with over 4,000 investors that buy locally! We also work with many out of state and out of country buyers, who are always eager to invest in the growing Baltimore market! Fill out the form below, email us, or call us!


Our JV split is typically 50/50, but varies on the deal and its complexity.
Our typical closing time frame is 2-4 weeks. Deals requiring a one week close are possible.
If you're dealing with a lead that is in a complex or unique situation, we are certain to have the tools and connections to get it closed!